#081 – Favored of the Gods, Part Two

Kryvix, Trumpicus, Pencicuis, and Obsidianbah set out once again in search of Thaddy Brunswick. Join us for the laughs, the misses, and all the nymph’s you can get your hands on. Also, we put up nominations for the UBER game on the site, so get on and vote!...
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#080 – Fable 2 Review

This week, the Clan reviews the fabled Fable 2! And when I say the Clan, I mean the entire clan. Join us for the official review ala Cameron and Joe, with a hefty second opinions section with the two Kalebs. We end up doing two giveaways, while also...
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#079 – The History of the Super Nintendo

This week, the clan displays their SNES prowess, or lack thereof, as we review the life, legacy, and history of the Super Nintendo. Enjoy! The SNES is a 16 bit home video game console developed by Nintendo. It was released in Japan on November 21, 1990, and came...
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#078 – Horizon Zero Dawn Review

This week, the clan finally gets to their review of Horizon Zero Dawn. Enjoy! Horizon Zero Dawn is an action role-playing game developed by Guerrilla Games, and published by Sony. You may remember Guerrilla from their work with the Killzone series. The game was released on February 28th,...
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#077 – E3 2017

It’s that time of year again. E3 has come and gone, and the Clan is here to shed some light on their favorite games. The guys come up with their favorite gilfs, and then Schweiss goes off the chain about some neighborhood garbage. Enjoy the NUDE!
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#076 – Favored of the Gods, Part One

This week, the clan invites special guest Larsen on as our very first Dungeon Master. Join heroes Obsidianbah, Nooborious Trumpus, Michaelangelus Pencicuis, and Kryvix as they combine forces for a simple caravan mission. Will things go awry? Will Pencicuis fall asleep on watch duty? Find out! Oh, and...
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#075 – The History of the Xbox 360

This week, we go over the history of the Xbox 360. Join us for all the laughs, the sales, and the history behind things. We also round out the month’s HOG updates: Congrats to Jake for NUDE Hog, and Ryan for Super Hog. Also, special shoutout to Truehoax...
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#074 – Star Wars: Bounty Hunter Review

This week, the Clan dives Jango deep into some Bounty Hunter. The guys discuss the shooting, bounties, and tons of platforming the game has to offer. There’s also a new poll up for Schweiss’ and Cameron’s next game, and don’t forget to send in your HOG!
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#073 – Q&A With the Clan

This week, the guys discuss their week in gaming, and then dive straight into an epic Q&A episode. We got to as many of you guys’ questions as possible, and will clean the rest up next week. Schweiss loses his shit over his recent run-ins with his HOA....
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#072 – Parasite Eve II Review

This week, the clan dives into Parasite Eve II. Here’s the writeup: Parasite Eve 2 is an action role-playing survival game released for the PlayStation. The game was developed by Square Enix, and published in 1999 in Japan and the US, and in 2000 everywhere else. The game...
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