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#052 – Metroid Prime Review

This week the Clan, sans Joe, discuss Metroid Prime. We talk about our favorite aspects of the game, and dive into the pro’s and con’s of this classic hit. We also urge the listeners to indulge in some Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, as we need more players....
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#051 – 2016 Media Consumption

This weeks episode focuses around the excellent forum post from PixelEdged. We discuss media consumed in 2016. We talk about books, movies, games, music, and much more. We were going to discuss Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but we ran out of time… Enjoy! Check out this...
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#050 – Battlefield 1 Review

This week, Kaleb and Cameron review their playthrough of Battlefield 1. We also discuss our recent gaming, and make predictions around the soon to be released Assassin’s Creed film. Make sure to leave a review on iTunes, and vote for our next UBER game! Enjoy the episode!  ...
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#049 – Armored Core: For Answer Review

This week, the Clan assembles for the long awaited review of Armored Core: For Answer. Join us for all the laughs, rants, and overall immature content you can possibly stomach. Congrats to Joe from Michigan and Jake for being the leaders of the HOG.        ...
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#048 – Cody and Sarah Chronicles – Part Fin

This week, we discuss the games we’re lusting over. From Civilization VI, to Final Fantasy XV. We also discuss the final segment in the long running chronicles of Cody and Sarah. Join us for all the horrifying flashbacks to that Bronco. Oh, and get your HOG points in!
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#047 – South Park: The Stick of Truth Review

This week, the guys combine forces to conquer and review South Park: The Stick of Truth. We discuss the hilarious storyline, fun gameplay, and kickass soundtrack. Enjoy the episode!                    Joe   Craig   Cameron   Schweiss Story      ...
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#045 – The SAG-AFTRA Union Strike

This week, the clan gathers to discuss their thoughts on the recent voice actors union strike against the gaming industry. They delve into what they think the union is doing right, and what we feel like is extraneous. We discuss a few other points in recent gaming news, and...
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#044 – Silent Hill Review

This week, the Clan reviews the classic survival horror Silent Hill Silent Hill   Silent Hill was released in North America on January 31, 1999 in North America. It is a survival horror game, developed for the PlayStation. The game was developed by Team Silent, and published by...
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#043 – Nintendo Switch

This week, in Craig’s absence, we discuss our thoughts on the Nintendo Switch. We speculate on what exactly it’s going to be, voice our concerns, and discuss the possibility of Nintendo creating something that combines their console and mobile market into one machine. We then confirm Jacob as Geekdom...
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