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#009 – Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary!

[ratings] This week, we invite Dylan, and Drew on to discuss some Pokemon. We each go around and tell our history with the series; ranging from the video games, movies, and all the way down to the Pokemon manga. We touch base on the legacy of the Pokemon...
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#008 – Fable

[ratings]   This week, we review Joe and Cameron’s pick, Fable. We power through the quick storyline within Fable, and discuss the bloodline lore, and the overarching dread that the realm of Albion. We talk about the duality of Maze’s situation with the Hero, and discuss the various...
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#007 – MMORPG’s

[ratings]   This week, we discuss our experiences with MMORPG’s. The two Kaleb’s have the most saturated background with the genre, exploring titles such as Guild Wars 2, Final Fantasy XIV, Runescape, and The Elder Scrolls Online. Joe has extensive history with Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy...
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#006 – Ico Review

[ratings]   This week, we discuss the cult hit Ico. Schweiss and Craig both played the game on the PS3 HD remaster disc, which includes Shadow of the Colossus. We go into detail about the games sparse, yet interesting storyline. We also touch on the interesting, yet difficult...
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