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#006 – Ico Review



This week, we discuss the cult hit Ico. Schweiss and Craig both played the game on the PS3 HD remaster disc, which includes Shadow of the Colossus. We go into detail about the games sparse, yet interesting storyline. We also touch on the interesting, yet difficult at times gameplay elements of the game, praising the puzzles, but docking points for the precision based stances the game takes. Then comes the design of Ico. Neither of us had a problem with the look of the game, especially for when it was initially released. We move on to highly praise Ico’s melodic, and unforgettable soundtrack. The games sounds were also believable, and it seemed like they left no stone unturned when it came to the sound quality. Last, but certainly not least, comes replayability. We both rate this game highly on it’s replayability.

Schweiss                     Craig

Storyline                    8                              8

Gameplay                  7                               7

Design                       10                            10

Music/Sound               9                               9

Replayability               8                               7

Overall, official [Nude] Clan ranking will be 83/100.


Enjoy the episode!

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