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#008 – Fable



This week, we review Joe and Cameron’s pick, Fable. We power through the quick storyline within Fable, and discuss the bloodline lore, and the overarching dread that the realm of Albion. We talk about the duality of Maze’s situation with the Hero, and discuss the various moral choices that Fable presents to you. We move on to discuss the gameplay of Fable. Fable features a morality engine, where your choices influence how the game plays. If you are a generally good person during your playthrough, you will be cheered, and the villagers will revere you. If you are evil, they will flee from you, and distrust your every move. Fable employs a very simple, quick battle system. This system is akin to God of War, but feels more RPG-esque. We touch on the mini games that Fable has to offer, and delve into a little about the side quests, demon doors, etc. We then move on to Fable’s design. Fable features a semi cartoon style of animation. It’s not quite the cell shading of Borderlands, but it’s not quite Elder Scrolls. We praised Fable for the visual effects associated with dying, and getting hit within the game. It’s also a lot of fun to see your character grow beard, and longer hair. The games soundtrack is very well done, featuring an introduction track by Danny Elfman. The rest of the tracks are excellently atmospheric, and really pull the player into the world of Fable. The fact that the game has two different paths to choose, it’s replay value is solid. The choices you make in Fable don’t necessarily alter the story, but they definitely alter the interactions you have with the NPC’s around you. Here’s our official score.

Joe                                       Cameron

Story                           9                                               9

Gameplay                    8                                               8

Design                         8                                               8

Sound/music                10                                             10

Replay Value                8                                                7

Official NUDE CLAN Rating


E3 2004 TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9dgkbaHNdg

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2 thoughts on “#008 – Fable

  1. Galuna Sei says:

    I used to love Fable. Until I was lied to by sequels. >:( Now the very mention makes me want to throw a chair through a window.


    But yeah, the original is great.

    1. Kaleb Schweiss says:

      Nice! I’m glad you found the original enjoyable. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Fable 2. Do you dislike that one? If so, what makes it lesser?

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