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#013 – MOBA’s

[ratings]   This week, we discuss our history with Moba’s! We’ve each extensively played League of Legends, Joe and Craig have hit up Dota in the past, and none of us have delved into the other mainstream titles. We then move on to discuss the toxic nature of...
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#012 – Destiny Review

[ratings]   This week, we review Bungies juggernaut. No, not Halo…the other one. Destiny! We discuss the rocky back history, from the firing of Michael Salvatori, legendary Halo composer, and the last minute scrapping of the story in Destiny. We dive into the cost of the game. Bungie...
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#011 – The History of Video Games

[ratings]   This week, we have a special episode. We dive into the beginnings of video games with Joe’s History of Video games, prelude to the first generation of consoles. We discuss the first video game Space War, a cathode ray tube of awesome. This game was the...
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#010 – Game Dev Tycoon

[reviews] This week, we review Game Dev Tycoon. The game was released by Greenheart Games on December 10th. The game begins with the player in their over expensive garage, building games. We begin by discussing the games storyline. It includes actual trends within gaming history, allowing the player...
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