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#018 – Dying Light Review

[ratings]   This time on Nude Clan, Cameron and Kaleb Craig review the 2015 game “Dying Light”. The game was praised for its music and replayablility, with good gameplay, design, and serviceable story to boot. Zombies and Parkour, oh my! Cameron          Kaleb Story    ...
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#016 – Far Cry Primal Review

[ratings]   This week, the guys review the new and noteworthy Far Cry Primal. This time, all four members of Nude Clan team up to bring you all the girth you could possibly want. We give a standardly sloppy retelling of the games light story, where you play...
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#014 – Super Mario Bros. Movie Review

[ratings]   This week, we review the infamous Super Mario Bros. film from 1993. We discuss the overarching plot, wherein King Koopa transverses between realities to kidnap Princess Daisy. Daisy has a piece of a meteorite on a necklace she’s had her whole life, and this piece connects...
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