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#022 – DmC Review

[ratings] This week, the guys talk DMC, and have a new VR idea they’re ready to bring to market. Enjoy! DMC: Devil may cry is a hack and slash action game developed by Ninja Theory and published by Capcom. DMC is technically the fifth game in the series,...
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#021 – In Rhythm, Out of Time

[ratings]   This week, we discuss the history of Rhythm games, such as Guitar Hero, and Rocksmith. We dive into the origins, dating back to the Magnavox, and discuss the eventual downfall of the genre. We discuss a glass filled story behind Kaleb Craig’s acquiring of a PS3,...
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#020 – Diablo II Review

[ratings] Diablo II Kaleb Schweiss Diablo II is an action based, hack +-and slash rpg by Blizzard north. The game was published in 2000 for Windows and Mac. The game’s design was done by David Brevik and Erich Schaefer, who acted as a project lead for the game....
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#019 – Multiplayer Games

[ratings]   This week, we announce that Kaleb and Kaleb’s next game will be DMC: Devil May Cry. We move on to discuss a video submitted by Cynyr featuring the showdown between a Fallout character, and a Skyrim character. Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBlhXKjSy6M We then move on to discuss our...
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