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#026 – Heavy Rain Review

[ratings] This week, the clan discusses Heavy Rain. Enjoy! Heavy Rain is an interactive drama action-adventure video game developed by Quantic Dream in 2010. Heavy Rain is a noir thriller, with four different characters the player takes control of, each of these characters are involved with the case...
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#025 – E3 2016

[ratings] This week, we discuss our favorite moments of this years E3 conference. Kaleb Craig also covers a little back history on the expo’s history. Enjoy!!   A brief history of E3. 1995: The first E3 saw the unveiling of Nintendo’s virtual boy system, and the entrance of...
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#024 – Doom Review

Join Kaleb, Cameron, Kaleb, and Dylan as they discuss the original Doom game. Enjoy! Doom How do you begin to do a review on a game as iconic and game changing as doom? Who developed Doom? ID software John Carmack and John Romero, game designer Tom Hall, and...
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#023 – Guilty Pleasure Gaming

[ratings] This week, the clan discusses video games that are either hated by critics and audience members, that we love to play. We discuss which ones we hold dear, and discuss ones that we know are bad, but are so good…. We also talk about the games we’ve...
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