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#035 – Rocksmith 2014 Review

It’s finally here! This time, we review Rocksmith. We discuss the various elements of the game, and discuss whether or not it improved our guitar skill. We also discuss the impact of trophies on our gaming lives. Enjoy the episode!   The Score:          ...
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#033 – Doom 2016 Review

  This week, the Clan discusses a certain listeners grotesquely awesome comic book collection, and then we dive into an epic review of Doom 2016. Enjoy! Doom is a science fiction – horror first-person shooter video game developed by id Software and publishedby Bethesda Softworks. DOOM (2016) is...
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#032 – Mobile Gaming

This week, in light of Doom not being completed, the Clan talks mobile gaming. We discuss what makes a good mobile game, and also talk about our current favorites. We delve into our pasts, and bring up classics such as Snake and Tetris, both phenomenal games in their...
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#031 – The Rantings and Ravings of a Mad Man

This week, Joe, Kaleb, and Kaleb clear out all the old questions on the forum. We discuss everything from the topic of piracy in gaming, to mainstream media overhyping games. Joe also loses his mind and goes on a massive rant part way through. Live always in the...
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