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#039 – Diablo III Review

This time, it’s for real! We have finally finished the long loved Diablo series. Before we get into our review, we delve into the origins of the elusive Zelda Podcast. Enjoy our thoughts on Diablo III!     Rating                 Joe...
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#038 – Pixel games and Batman V. Superman

This week, we decided to clear up a few questions on the ole forums. We discuss our limited knowledge of Pixel games. We dive into the reasons behind the lack of Nintendo games in our reviews, and top things off with a discussion about how many movies we’ve...
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#037 – Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

This week, we review Craig and Cameron’s Castlevania Symphony of the Night. We delve into the storyline of the game, which features the son of Dracula traversing his fathers castle in search of answers. We move on to the interesting gameplay which features elements of sidescrollers, RPG’s, and...
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#036 – Fighting Games

This week, we discuss our less than rich history with fighters. We touch on what games we dig, and what ones we’re not so great at. We also discuss a question involving our ideal mini console complete with games. Make sure to get your iTunes reviews in, as...
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