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#043 – Nintendo Switch

Joe and Cameron's Next Game

This week, in Craig’s absence, we discuss our thoughts on the Nintendo Switch. We speculate on what exactly it’s going to be, voice our concerns, and discuss the possibility of Nintendo creating something that combines their console and mobile market into one machine. We then confirm Jacob as Geekdom King Hog, bitch about Kaleb Craig, and get a lil PHAT. Also, check out Battlefield 1.

2 thoughts on “#043 – Nintendo Switch

  1. Skoll Hati says:

    Totally agree with you guys in that I hope the Switch is the only console. Nintendo seems to have enough good content for one good console, but not enough for two. If it’s a hybrid system for their handheld games as well, I’ll most likely get it.

  2. Oldguygamer says:

    Joe not having a clue about Zone of the Enders was an epic fail..Caleb saying he played Resident Evil 2 when he was 18 made me feel old as shit..And I really think some people are being insanely harsh about the switch..Showing skyrim REMASTERED on the fucking GO was def awesome in my book WTF is your problem? Nintendo has like 6 franchises that are mostly cartoony and you’re going to bitch that they decided to show a great game that is in no way like what Nintendo has made before? I get tired of some of the arrogance on this show

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