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#057 – The Order 1886 Review

As you can guess from the title, we didn’t all go see Assassin’s Creed. But, two of us did beat the eye candy game called The Order 1886. Join Craig and Cameron as they take us on an adventure back in time to discuss what was meant to...
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#056 – Parasite Eve Review

This week, the Clan gathers to discuss the highly renowned Parasite Eve. Join Kaleb, Joe, and Kaleb as they grapple for power in this review episode. Here’s the ratings:                         Joe         Schweiss    ...
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#055 – [NUDE] Clan Game of the Year

< p>This week, the Clan discusses their Game of the Year, Doom 2016. We also crowned Skoll Hati as King Hog, Joe from Michigan as Super Hog, and Felicia No Miko as Primus Titonis Audiencus. Join us for the best of episodes, and the worst of episodes. Also, please...
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#054 – Mortal Kombat

This week, we cover a plethora of stuff. From an overlong political discussion, to the unveiling of our Patreon, this is the Ultimate Episode of [NUDE] Clan. Join us as we discuss the epic Mortal Kombat movie in it’s entirety We discuss the financial success of the film,...
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#053 – Goals Revisited, and Goals Set

This week, the guys discuss their goals that they set in January of 2016. They talk about the successes and failures, and talk about next years targets. They also announce Kaleb Craig as King Hog for 2016, and announce the first annual NUDE Clan awards. Enjoy the NUDE!
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