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#083 – The Clan on E-Sports

This week, we discuss Craig’s topic of E-Sports. Join us as we dive deep into our experience with the genre of entertainment in a rare attempt for the Craiggert to defend Schweiss. The Clan finally gets back to the PHAT segment, where they discuss their successes and failures...
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#082 – Shadow of Mordor Review

This week, Cameron and Schweiss review the 2014 hit Shadow of Mordor. Join them as they recount the story, gameplay, soundtrack, and discuss the replayability value of the game. Nier Automata is the winner of the UBER game, so stay tuned for that. Live always in the NUDE!...
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#081 – Favored of the Gods, Part Two

Kryvix, Trumpicus, Pencicuis, and Obsidianbah set out once again in search of Thaddy Brunswick. Join us for the laughs, the misses, and all the nymph’s you can get your hands on. Also, we put up nominations for the UBER game on the site, so get on and vote!...
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#080 – Fable 2 Review

This week, the Clan reviews the fabled Fable 2! And when I say the Clan, I mean the entire clan. Join us for the official review ala Cameron and Joe, with a hefty second opinions section with the two Kalebs. We end up doing two giveaways, while also...
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#079 – The History of the Super Nintendo

This week, the clan displays their SNES prowess, or lack thereof, as we review the life, legacy, and history of the Super Nintendo. Enjoy! The SNES is a 16 bit home video game console developed by Nintendo. It was released in Japan on November 21, 1990, and came...
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