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#087 – A New Glitchmare

This week, we discuss the recent game breaking glitches Joe encountered in Alone in the Dark: A New Nightmare. We discuss what should be done in light of this glitch, and move on to discuss the network as a whole. Make sure you get your hog points in...
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#086 – Do Video games make you stupid?

This week, the guys take a look at a recent survey related to whether or not certain types of video games make you dumb, while others increase brain matter. Enjoy the recent Kill Marry F*ck from Pixel, and all the laughs in between.
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#085 – A Survey Revisited

This week, the clan gathers to discuss the recent survey answers regarding the network. We go over each result, and discuss the legitimacy of a few shows we asked interest in. We also update our PHAT goals, and dive into what games we’ve been playing as of late....
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#084 – Wing Commander Movie Review

This week, the Clan reviews Wing Commander, the classic 1999 film starring Shaggy and Fred. Enjoy all the laughs, and congratulations to TrueHoax and Steven for your victories with the drawing/dvd giveaway. Make sure you reach out on Twitter, and live always in the NUDE!
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