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#091 – Cross-Platform Gaming

This week, the Clan assembles to discuss their opinions on cross platform play between consoles. We talk about how we as consumers view the platform, and how we’d imagine the big companies view it as well. The Kaleb’s nominate their next games, and we rant a bit about...
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#090 – Nier Automata Review

This week, the Clan assembles to discuss the listener favorite Nier Automata. Join us as we go over the games story, gameplay, sound/music, design, and overall replayability. We also ended up giving away two games to some great friends of the show, Felicia Nomiko and Douglas Hopkins. Thanks...
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#089 – Our Favorite Games from A to Z

This week, the guys assemble to answer a bunch of questions, and rant and rave about porn, Cosmopolitan, and a few games here and there. They discuss their annual goals, and dig into the secret to balancing all these shows, games, and family members. Enjoy!  
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