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#096 – Lara Croft Tomb Raider Movie Review

This week, the guys review the 2001 classic film Lara Croft Tomb Raider. Join them as they recount their revisiting of this childhood classic that is a big part of their pubescent/formative years. Join them for the laughs and the pain as they figure out a way to...
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#095 – Metal Gear Solid Review

This week, Kaleb and Joe finally get to review the 1999 classic Metal Gear Solid. Join them, and Craig who played along, as they discuss the various aspects of the game. Joe ends up going on an overlong discussion on The Wheel of Time, and Schweiss beats five...
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#094 – Joe’s Migrane/Getting Phat

This week, Schweiss and Joe attempt to review Metal Gear Solid, but their plans are dashed when Joe fails to mentally overcome a migraine headache. The rest of the crew pivots to their goals and some bullshitting to fill the time. Next time, our gear will be Solid.
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#093 – John or John?

This week, Joe attempts to give away a mystery game to one of his fellow hosts. What’s the catch, you say? A series of phrases and actions that we have to determine whether or not John Romero or John Carmack of ID software said/did, or both. Joe picks...
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#092 – Persona 5 Review

This week, our esteemed King Hog joins Cameron for a review of Persona 5. This marks the first real JRPG of Cameron’s life, so it’s full of interesting perspectives on the genre as a whole. Schweiss and Craig are destined to play Burnout Revenge next, and Joe get’s...
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