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#095 – Metal Gear Solid Review

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This week, Kaleb and Joe finally get to review the 1999 classic Metal Gear Solid. Join them, and Craig who played along, as they discuss the various aspects of the game. Joe ends up going on an overlong discussion on The Wheel of Time, and Schweiss beats five games to Craig’s zero this week to put him one away from the Craig. Enjoy the episode!

One thought on “#095 – Metal Gear Solid Review

  1. Douglas Hopkins says:

    In regards to spoulers, I had “Hold the door” and Jon Snow’s fate spoiled for me by twitter. When I finally watched those episodes, I was like “Ooh is this it?!” and both those moments were awesome because, while I knew the results, I didnt have context for them. Or the Nier spoiler you blurted out. One of the games loading screen all but said that was a thing. Spoilers can suck if theyre specific, but saying Jon Snow dies” doesnt mean much, cause people die all the time in that show. Its context that matters.

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