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#100 – Episode 100 Q&A

This week marks one hundred episodes, and damn near two years, of Nude Clan. We open the phone lines for three brave listeners, and read/answer all your questions on the show this week. Enjoy the laughs, and go vote on Twitter for Cameron and Schweiss’ next game!
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#099 – EAFU

Today, the Craig takes us on an adventure that explores the evils of EA and their micro-transactions. The hosts expound upon their opinions, or lack thereof, and can’t quite come up with an alternate solution for game developers to remain profitable while not being ass holes. Also crammed...
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#098 – Burnout Revenge Review

This week, Craig and Schweiss review the forcible entry nominee Burnout Revenge. This marks the first racing game in the show’s history! Join them as they recount their history with the Burnout series, and see if Revenge stacks up to the legendary Burnout 3: Takedown. Make sure you...
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#097 -Favored of the Gods, Part Three

This week, the guys embark upon the final stretch of the three part Dungeons and Dragons series Favored of the Gods. Join us for all the intense humor surrounding Obsidianbah’s troll penis. Congrats to Hailblue for winning yet another of our drawings. Thank you to all who put...
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