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#104 – What IS Death Stranding?

This week, the Clan brings on a couple of guests in place of Joe to try and figure out what’s going on in this upcoming Death Stranding game. The clan then discusses what games they’re excited for in 2018, and make a couple of intense predictions. Join in...
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#103 – The Clan on The Last Jedi

This week, the Clan assembles to discuss their thoughts on the recently released Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. Join them as they highlight their favorite moments from the film and pit it against the others in the Star Wars franchise. Enjoy! Check out this episode!
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#102 – Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Review

This week’s episode the clan reviews Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, the sequel to Shadow of Mordor. In this review you will get to take part of a debate of where the real ending of the game should be, and if hiding a true ending behind hours of grinding...
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