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#108 – Call of Duty WWII Review

Join the Band of [Nude] Clan Brothers as we review the new installment to the COD line up, COD World War II. The idea of this new game was to be a back to roots movement for the COD series, back to what made them great. Listen to...
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#107 – Fable III Review

Join us for our review for the next installment of the fable series, as we take part in defending Albion yet again. Take part in the struggle of wresting control of the kingdom from your brother, to facing the dark ominous evil soon to come. How will this...
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#106 – 2017 [Nude]Clan Awards

The most important award show recorded on January 7th, 2018, the ever prestigious Hog Platinum Globes award ceremony! In this lovely award show, we lovingly revisit the best and worst moments of 2017. We find out from our listeners what the worst episode was, our best rant, our...
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