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#120 – Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Review

This week, our favorite band of misfits assemble to discuss Schweiss’ and Joe’s experience with Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. Join us for all the laughs, and a darker conversation to finish things up. Thanks for listening, and live always in the NUDE. Check out this episode!
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#119 – Impromptu Q&A and Focaloid Talk

In a scramble to come up with an episode idea this morning, Joe really bottomed out. In the last few minutes before we hit record he decided upon an impromptu Q&A session. We picked various questions from off of the forums to answer, along with finally going over...
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#118 – The History of Video Games Part V: Super Sized

This week, the Clan dives into the fourth generation of gaming consoles, and namely the battle between Atari and Nintendo. Join Craig, Schweiss, and Cameron as they duke it out during Joe’s questionnaire to see who can win the most Snickers Mini candies. Enjoy! Check out this episode!
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