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2016 Hog Status List

Full List:

Kaleb Craig Joseph DeGolyer Kaleb Schweiss Cameron Wilson
1 Destiny Diablo Fallout 4 Fallout 4
2 Game Dev Tycoon Fable Fable Destiny
3 Far Cry Primal Game Dev Tycoon Game Dev Tycoon Far Cry: Primal
4 The Order: 1886 Crisis Core: FFVII FFIV: The After Years Fable
5 Ico Far Cry: Primal Far Cry: Primal Dying Light
6 God of War: CoO FFIV: The After Years Destiny Doom
7 Diablo III Dirge of Cerberus Ico Destroy All Humans
8 Broforce Diablo II Dead Space Doom (2016)
9 Dying Light Final Fantasy X-2 FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus Castlevania SotN
10 Uncharted Heavy Rain Diablo II Battlefield 1
11 Devil May Cry FFX-2: Last Mission Devil May Cry Deadly Tower of Monsters
12 Deadpool Doom (2016) Final Fantasy X-2 South Park: Stick of Truth
13 Digimon SCS Diablo III Doom Armored Core 4: Answer
14 Guaramele (?) Final Fantasy XI Doom II Metroid Prime
15 Heavy Rain Armored Core 4: Answer Destroy All Humans Far Cry 4
16 Omega Quintet South Park: Stick of Truth FFX-2: Last Mission CoD: Black Ops III
17 Doom (2016) FF XII Revenant Wing Doom (2016) Rainbow Six: Siege
18 Street Fighter V Doom III
19 Toren Castlevania: SotN
20 Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Diablo III
21 Shadow Warrior Journey
22 Castlevania SotN Final Fantasy XI
23 Journey Silent Hill
24 Banner Saga Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands
25 Megaman X South Park: Stick of Truth
26 Silent Hill FF XII: Revenant Wings
27 Batman: Arkham Asylum Armored Core 4: Answer
28 Batman: Arkham City Battlefield 1
29 World of Final Fantasy Metroid Prime
30 South Park: Stick of Truth Parasite Eve
31 Dragon Ball Z Universe 2
32 Deadly Tower of Monsters
33 Final Fantasy XV
34 Batman Telltale
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