#007 – MMORPG’s

[ratings]   This week, we discuss our experiences with MMORPG’s. The two Kaleb’s have the most saturated background with the genre, exploring titles such as Guild Wars 2, Final Fantasy XIV, Runescape, and The Elder Scrolls Online. Joe has extensive history with Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy...
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#006 – Ico Review

[ratings]   This week, we discuss the cult hit Ico. Schweiss and Craig both played the game on the PS3 HD remaster disc, which includes Shadow of the Colossus. We go into detail about the games sparse, yet interesting storyline. We also touch on the interesting, yet difficult...
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#005 – Physical vs. Digital

[ratings] This week, the guys give their two cents about video game formats. They discuss the pros and cons of both the digital and physical copies of video games, and other forms of media. We weigh in on the positive aspect regarding digital, and praise it for the...
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#004 – Diablo Review

[ratings] This week, we start off the episode reading a rebuttal to last weeks episode on Piracy. This rebuttal was submitted to the Clan via our website, from Intercept. We disagree with some of the rhetoric, but appreciate the rebuttal. It’s all about the conversation! We then move...
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#003 – Pirating Games

[ratings] This week, the guys weigh in on their stances on the hot, and often divided, discussion of piration in gaming. We talk about the way piration damages the economy, and how if everyone were to do it, there would be no games. We delve into some statistics,...
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#002 – Fallout 4 Review

[ratings] This week, Kaleb Craig and Cameron have finished Fallout 4! We start things off with getting a little background on everyones Fallout experience. Joe was consumed by Fallout 3, wasting almost an entire day to it’s glory. Kaleb Schweiss, on the other hand, was screwed out of...
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#001 – The Games we Play

[ratings] It’s time! Join Kaleb, Joe, Cameron, and Kaleb Craig for Nude Clan! This show is going to be about everything gaming! We’ll cover news for the major consoles and PC, and we’ll do in depth reviews twice a month on games both old and new. Join us...
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