#117 – Monster Hunter World Review

The Craig and Cameron review Capcom’s new biggest hit Monster Hunter World. The guys go off on crazy people and Craig shares a story about an awkward encounter at a local gas station. Check out this episode!
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#116 – Tomb Raider Review

The Clan reviews the Tomb Raider reboot. We also talk other video game movies and Joe questions his sexuality because of a tough Digimon question. Check out all the classic action movie tropes in Tomb Raider.
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#113- The Legend of Zelda Review

Camcam goes missing! But does anyone really notice? The guys talk about Marvel and how great Black Panther is. Joe raves about annihilation the best movie of 2018! (so far) Schweiss yells about old people in movie theaters and is joined by Joe in a rant of old...
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#110 – Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Review

In this episode, Schweiss and Craig review the dark and discomforting game Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. Join¬†Senua in her journey through a Norse mythology inspired realm and her own mental illness. Try not to be moved by her plight, and try not to go insane yourself. See how the...
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#108 – Call of Duty WWII Review

Join the Band of [Nude] Clan Brothers as we review the new installment to the COD line up, COD World War II. The idea of this new game was to be a back to roots movement for the COD series, back to what made them great. Listen to...
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