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#102 – Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Review

This week’s episode the clan reviews Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, the sequel to Shadow of Mordor. In this review you will get to take part of a debate of where the real ending of the game should be, and if hiding a true ending behind hours of grinding...
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#096 – Lara Croft Tomb Raider Movie Review

This week, the guys review the 2001 classic film Lara Croft Tomb Raider. Join them as they recount their revisiting of this childhood classic that is a big part of their pubescent/formative years. Join them for the laughs and the pain as they figure out a way to...
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#092 – Persona 5 Review

This week, our esteemed King Hog joins Cameron for a review of Persona 5. This marks the first real JRPG of Cameron’s life, so it’s full of interesting perspectives on the genre as a whole. Schweiss and Craig are destined to play Burnout Revenge next, and Joe get’s...
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#080 – Fable 2 Review

This week, the Clan reviews the fabled Fable 2! And when I say the Clan, I mean the entire clan. Join us for the official review ala Cameron and Joe, with a hefty second opinions section with the two Kalebs. We end up doing two giveaways, while also...
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#074 – Star Wars: Bounty Hunter Review

This week, the Clan dives Jango deep into some Bounty Hunter. The guys discuss the shooting, bounties, and tons of platforming the game has to offer. There’s also a new poll up for Schweiss’ and Cameron’s next game, and don’t forget to send in your HOG!
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#071 – Tom Clancy’s The Division Review

This week, the guys get together to discuss The Division. Before we dive into that, we announce the HOG leaderboard for the beginning of May. Congrats to Jake and Skoll Hati for their wide lead. The guys also discuss the Gaming Hall of Fame winners, and announce the...
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#62 – For Honor Review

This week, the Clan assembles to discuss the recent hit For Honor. We discuss the games light storyline, and dive deep into the intricacies of the multiplayer. We also have our first giveaway on the show. Congrats to Hailblue on the victory! Keep up on your HOG submissions,...
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#054 – Mortal Kombat

This week, we cover a plethora of stuff. From an overlong political discussion, to the unveiling of our Patreon, this is the Ultimate Episode of [NUDE] Clan. Join us as we discuss the epic Mortal Kombat movie in it’s entirety We discuss the financial success of the film,...
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#049 – Armored Core: For Answer Review

This week, the Clan assembles for the long awaited review of Armored Core: For Answer. Join us for all the laughs, rants, and overall immature content you can possibly stomach. Congrats to Joe from Michigan and Jake for being the leaders of the HOG.        ...
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